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IACUC – a federally mandated committee, qualified through the experience and expertise of its members, that oversees its institution’s animal program, facilities, and procedures.

In 1966 Public Law 89-544 first established standards for the care and use of research animals. USDA and PHS require institutions using animals to appoint an IACUC and charge the IACUC with specific responsibilities. Members of the IACUC are appointed by the Institutional Official (at UF this is the VP for Research) and include scientists, non-scientists, and unaffiliated residents of the community.

To ensure compliance with all regulations, policies and standards in place to protect animal welfare, IACUC members review all requests for approval to use vertebrate animals. The IACUC also conducts inspections of all areas where animals are housed and used, reviews the institutional program for animal use, and reports its findings to the UF Institutional Official semi-annually.

The responsibilities of investigators using animals as well as instructions, standards, and guidelines for using animals, are available via the links in the navigation bar to the left.

Liaison Support – A representative of the IACUC is available to work directly with investigators upon request. This can be a valuable resource for novice researchers as well as the more experienced investigators on campus. Contact the IACUC office today with your questions or to request liaison support!

Names, phone numbers, and email addresses of staff members are available by clicking on the “contact us” link in the navigation bar to the left. Instructions, requirements, and necessary forms are available via the “obtaining approval to use animals” link. Please use the “announcements” link to find important new information.

Public Law 89-544 first established standards for the care and use of research animals in 1966. Further regulations are outlined in the Animal Welfare Act, Animal Welfare Regulations, the US Code of Federal Regulations, the Health Research Extension Act, Public Health Service Policy, and US Government Principles for the Utilization and Care of Vertebrate Animals Used in Testing, Research, and Training.

The use of animals for research, teaching, or exhibition is a privilege, not a right. High standards exist for the care and use of animals at UF. The University of Florida maintains an Animal Welfare Assurance Statement which declares its compliance with the various regulations and policies. Failure by any individual to adhere to these standards can jeopardize UF’s entire animal use program. The program is monitored by federal regulatory agencies (USDA-APHIS and OLAW) and an accreditation agency (AAALAC).

To ensure institutional compliance and the animals’ welfare the IACUC refers to many specific guidelines and policies covering the use of various species and procedures and endpoints for animal studies.