UF Animal Care & Use Program

The University of Florida Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) oversees the University’s animal care and use program and is responsible for reviewing all animal care applications using vertebrate animals, ensuring compliance with federal animal welfare regulations, inspecting animal facilities and investigator laboratories, investigating animal concerns, and overseeing training and educational programs. 

Faculty, who conduct research or educational programs using live vertebrate animals, are required to submit to the IACUC an application describing their proposed research. The information requested in the application is dictated by federal, state, and institutional policies, standards, and regulations. The requested information is essential for the IACUC to determine whether the proposed use animals is justified, humane, and complies with existing policies and regulations. Before the described activities and any live vertebrate animal work can begin, the IACUC must review and approve the application.


For more information about the IACUC, please contact the IACUC Office at iacuc@research.ufl.edu or (352) 273-9535.