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The IACUC has implemented an online protocol submission system (myIACUC). The purpose of the myIACUC system is to provide a more efficient way to prepare, submit, approve, and track protocols through the IACUC protocol approval process.


To register for myIACUC go to this website
at https://my.iacuc.ufl.edu and follow the directions.


Both the University of Florida and Federal Regulations (USDA & PHS) require training and continuing education of all scientists, research technicians, animal care technicians, and all others involved with animal care and use.

The IACUC is required to act as an agent of UF to determine that personnel are adequately trained and qualified to conduct procedures on a given species and to maintain documentation of this training.

Before any individual at UF may have animal contact, the following must be completed

1. The Health Risk Assessment Form for the EH&S Animal Contact Program. Please use the most recent form found on their website. Follow the instructions on the form which outline where to fax & mail the form. The IACUC will receive notification from EH&S when you have been approved to work with animals. Start this process early as approval may take at least two or more weeks! Registration must be completed before working with animals and renewed every three years.

2. Level 1 Training-The AALAS Learning Library (ALL) website has courses available to users of animals at UF. Register on-line (directions in the next paragraph) to take the "Working with the IACUC: non-VA version" course & exam. A minimum passing exam score is 85% and re-examination is required every three years.


FIRST TIME USERS: Go to the AALAS Website. Click “Enroll Now” then select “Myself”. Select “Yes I have an Access Code”. Enter “ufiacuc” as the code. Create a username and password. Complete all fields required and click on “continue”. You will get a notice “ Welcome Enrollment Completed”. Then hit “continue” again. Click on the “Libraries” tab at the top of the page and click on the Animal Care and Use courses, then the University of Florida Tracks, finally click on “UF Researchers – IACUC Training Modules” and select Compliance and IACUC Training and choose the Working with the IACUC (Non-VA Version) course.

ONCE YOU HAVE REGISTERED you do not need an access code from the IACUC office. After your account is established, you may log on to AALAS with your account username and password. These are your creations and are not necessarily the same as your Gatorlink information. If you have forgotten your username and password, please contact the IACUC office for assistance.

3. Online AALAS modules for specific species and applicable procedures. This is the same website that is used to take "Working with the IACUC: non-VA version". Please see the paragraph directly above for registration information. Training requirements for UF researchers were updated and approved by the IACUC in June 2008; you may see the requirement description here. If there is no module for the species that you will be working with OR if you will only be working with animal tissue, you are not required to take any of these modules.


1. All individuals working with mouse breeding colonies, outside of ACS, are required to take and pass "Mouse Breeding Colony Management". All individuals breeding genetically engineered mice, outside of ACS, are ALSO required to take "Genetically Engineered Mice: Approaches for Evaluating the Phenotype" AND "Genetically Engineered Mice: Overview of Transgenesis and Conditional Control".

2. In order to obtain security clearance to access the ACS housing and procedures areas, individuals must attend the Animal Awareness Seminar and facility specific on-line training. Please go to the ACS web site at http://acs.ufl.edu and select Facilities Access to review all ACS requirements.

3. For visitors to the University of Florida who will be handling animals, the IACUC requires that they assure the committee and the University that they have met their own institution's federal training requirements. Please see the requirements approved on June 27, 2008. A Visitor Certification Assurance form for visitors must be completed AND the signed ORIGINAL COPY returned to the IACUC office.

Additional formal training/testing may be required as determined by the IACUC or ACS Veterinarians on a case-by-case basis, depending on an individual's experience, skills or specific circumstances. If the Principal Investigator of a project will NOT be contacting animals, he or she still must complete Level-1 training and be registered with EH&S. If the Principal Investigator WILL be contacting animals, then all applicable requirements must be completed.

An assortment of additional resources are available as tutorials and species-specific training modules are available from a variety of sources:



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